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About Honest Reflections


Welcome to the Honest Reflections! A blog about history, politics, religion, philosophy, culture and anything else I find interesting. The aim of this blog is summed up by its title: Honest Reflections.  Firstly, in being honest: I don't want to be insincere in my writing and I want to try and say what I think, while recognising the importance of sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Secondly, many of the articles I write will be reflections on contemporary or past events as well as my own life. Only by paying attention to our world with all its contradictions, hypocrisies and strangeness do I think we will actually start to learn something valuable about our world. 


Full Disclosure 

Name: Jacob Vivian

Occupation: Local Government in the UK

Background: Born in the UK, raised in China, and have worked in the UK, Singapore and the Middle East. Now based in the UK.

Education: Mixture of international school, home-school and UK sixth form. Studied History and Politics at Oxford University. Generally try to read books and listen to podcasts as much as I can. 

Politics: Generally Left-Wing economically and would describe myself as a Liberal Conservative socially - read into that what you will.

Religion: Christian - Anglican (which provides a good excuse to dabble in most Christian traditions) 

Interests: World History | World Religion/Non-Religion | Contemporary Western Culture | Liberalism | Homelessness | Housing Policy | Christian Theology, History and Practice | History of Ideas | Philosophy of Language  

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